How We All Are Interconnected to Coal Ash Waste at Duke Energy Marshall Steam Station , Digital Photograph, 2019

Duke Energy's Marshall Steam Station Releasing Small Particles of Toxins, Digital Photograph, 2019

Duke Energy Busy Polluting, Digital Photograph, 2019

Panel from Virginia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, and Iredell County Health Department Work Together to Help Explain Well Water Tests Results to Mooresville Residents, Digital Photograph, 2019

Vanadium Result for Iredell County Well Water Testing By Virginia Tech and UNC- Chapel Hill,  Digital Photograph, 2019

Hexavalent Chromium Levels in Mooresville 

Inside of Duke Energy's Marshall Steam Station Area:  Herron Perched on Plastic Wasteland, Digital Photograph, 2019

Virginia Tech Shows Mooresville How to Treat Water for High Levels of Hexavalent Chromium, Digital Photograph, 2019

High Levels of Radon Found in the Soil in Mooresville,  Digital Photograph, 2019

 Coal Ash Doomsday at Duke Energy's Marshall Steam Station, Digital Photograph, 2019

Poisonous Coal Ash Toxins Are in the Ground as Structure Fill throughout Mooresville:  Get these Toxins Out of My Community, Digital Photograph, 2019

 DEQ Meeting for Marshall Steam Station Closure Options: Long Line Due to Room at Capacity Limit, Digital Photograph, 2019

All About the Benjamins and Not the Citizens, Digital Photograph, 2019

All Leads Back to Duke Energy, Digital Photograph, 2019

Department of Health and Human Services Warns 

No More Than Two Fish A Week, Digital Photograph, 2019

Duke Energy Affecting It's Surroundings, Digital Photograph, 2019

Duke Energy's Marshall Steam Station Exceedances in Groundwater Well Samples from Coal Ash 101 Meeting, Digital Photograph, 2019

Department of Environmental Quality Closure Options For Marshall Steam Station, Digital Photograph, 2019

Marshall Steam Station Environmental Hazard, Digital Photograph, 2019

Mooresville Residents Pleading Their Case to Department of Environmental Quality About Closure Options of Coal Ash Unlined Basin at Duke Energy's Marshall Steam Station, Digital Photograph, 2019

Susan Wind Protect Our H20, Digital Photograph, 2019

Susan Wind Worried, Digital Photograph, 2019

Everything is in My Kitchen Sink including the Well Water Testing Kit From Virginia Tech and UNC Chapel Hill Universities, Digital Photograph, 2019

Contrast of Options, Digital Photograph, 2019 

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